duminică, 8 mai 2011

Boulevard ahead of me

Welcome to the boulevards of my ideas and thoughts. I have created this little blog-thingy to share with you mostly my sketchbook artworks, my opinions towards certain facts in our world, maybe small stories I write or I have written, great artists/cartoonists/writers I admire or whose art I have stumbled upon.
I have tried to do this two more times, once on blogspot, the other time, moving out to wordpress. Nope, no succes. The thing is, I tend to forget about stuff I start to do. But a few weeks after I decided to drop the hobby of blogging, an awkward thing happened...I started missing the certitude that I have a personal piece of the internet to write my thoughts for the whole wide world to see.
So...here I am. Imma write both in Romanian and English, imma try my best to come here as often as possible and imma try not to get you bored.
There's an empty boulevard ahead of me, no buildings, no people, no lights.
Imma try to fill it up.


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